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The Issue

Split block is a great building product when installed properly. The problem is that there are a lot of contractors out there that cut corners and did not install the product correctly. This created what people thought were roof/window leaks but in fact it is the split block that is absorbing moisture and leaking into the building. With rotten windows and roof framing, wet insulation and moldy walls these buildings have become an unhealthy places to live. Some of these buildings are not even 10 years old.

Does your building have these problems?

  • White powder stains on the surface of the brick and block?
  • Water leaking out of the block?
  • Mortar joints missing mortar?
  • Roof has been repaired/Replaced and there are still leaks?
  • Just had the split block sealed and there are still leaking problems or the problem got worse?
  • Moldy smells, mold on the surface of the walls and mouldings?
  • Ceilings are sagging?
  • Bubbling paint?
  • Hardwood floors cupping and warping?
  • Water leaking from outlets and switches on the outside walls?

So now what can be done?
  • We can cut some test areas of the roof open to inspect the level of damage using a thermal scan.
  • We can remove and dispose of/replace roof top decks and patios.
  • We can properly vent and flash the roof structure and repair/replace the roofing.
  • We can properly vent, flash and cap the parapet walls.
  • We can install weep holes with wick ropes to help draw the moisture out of the walls.
  • We can remove and replace moldy millwork, drywall, insulation and framing. The plastic vapor barrier over the walls will not be installed again so the walls do not trap moisture.

Have a healthy split block home with the proper venting, flashing and sealing provided by D/R Services. It is possible to save these buildings through using proper building science. Ventilating the walls, roofs, parapets caps in a proper manner is a major part of the solution. We have
the technology and trained professionals to
handle this unique building problem.

Get Split Block Certified




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