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Pricing - Time and Materials - Highwood - Kenilworth

Time and Materials:

Time and materials work is billed out for work completed on your project. It is generally used in our small projects division. Drive time to and from the job is not billed to the client and is figured into the overhead cost. Drive time to pick up materials for your project will be billed. The hourly rate is $105.00 with a two hour minimum of $210.00. Any materials used on your project will be billed at the same time.

Cost Plus Philosophy:

Our role is to offer options to our clients—to educate them about the quality levels and associated prices that are available.
We use the Cost Plus method of pricing--a growing trend in the industry--charging our costs plus a markup. Materials, subcontracts, and our labor billing rates are marked up a percentage to cover overhead and profit.

  • Overhead costs are day to day business expenses which are not directly attributable to particular jobs. Overhead includes, insurance, office expenses, rent, utilities, vehicles and other cost of business items.
  • Profit is determined before taxes and company reinvestment expense.
    All invoices and timecards are available for inspection--all our cards are on the table. This allows us to share the decisions on materials and subcontractors with our clients--for us to work together as a team.

Cost Plus is used on our projects over $5,000. All proposals from the subs and suppliers are made available to the client. All pricing is based on our cost; in house labor, sub contractors and suppliers. We then apply a 30% mark up to those costs to cover our overhead (22%) and an 8% profit. The in house labor is broken down as follows:

$55.00 per hour for Laborers
$65.00 per hour for Carpenters
$70.00 per hour for a Certified Lead Carpenter
$65.00 per hour for Office Managers time spent on Billing/Invoicing and time/material tracking
$75.00 per hour for a Production Manager time spent on material specification, product research, client/production meetings and permitting information.
$85.00 per hour for Owner/Designer

The cost plus billing system is spelled out in detail in our cost plus contract. For a copy of the full contract please contact our office via email or phone.

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